International Money Transfer

Bank of Baroda in Australia offers a variety of remittance options to customers including quick money transfers to India. Terms & Conditions

"Bank of Baroda, Sydney provides online remittance facility. For using our online remittance facility, please read "Online remittance process" and "Service terms & conditions for online remittance user"

"For our existing customer registration, please fill the "Online remittance registration form" available under Forms section and send to us."

"For new customers, please follow the process of Remittance mentioned under this section."

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Whether it is inward remittance or outward payment, SWIFT is the fastest way to transmit or receive funds worldwide. Combined with our experience and presence in India with more than 4100 Indian branches, Bank of Baroda Sydney is fully playing its prominent part in international banking affairs.

Open to our customers as well as non customers who want to remit funds worldwide we will use our very strong network of foreign financial intermediaries.

For transferring funds, you will need to provide the account number, name and address and SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of the bank where beneficiary maintains his/her account.

Process of Remittance

We maintain our accounts with major Australian Banks. Customers deposit the money in the bank of their own choice out of these and once we receive the money in our account, we straightaway remit it to the beneficiary’s account.


  1. The rates locked with us once will not be changed under any circumstances.
  2. The money will only be remitted once we receive it in our account.
  3. The rates are updated on our website by 09:30 AM daily.

Documents required for remittance are:^

  1. Completely filled International Money Transfer Form
  2. Copy of Passport.
  3. Copy of Driver’s Licence or any other ID for identification.
  4. Copy of receipt of money transfer / deposit in the Bank, in the account of Bank of Baroda, Sydney Branch. (Please refer Application form)

^ Customers who have already submitted their documents need not submit them again except the International Money Transfer Form and the copy of the receipt.

Customers who are unable to visit our Branch due to the distance constraints or any other factors can send their documents duly certified, by post (For certifying authorities, please refer 'Forms' section)